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Experience the incredible stories of people receiving much needed help during the toughest times of their lives. This is why we do what we do!

Laticia Medina

"Two years ago after being diagnosed with cancer, I was scared because I didn’t know what I had ahead of me. It has not been an easy journey but because of friends, family, organizations that bring people together, like the R Giving Tree, and the people who help make these organizations successful, I truly realized how blessed I am," is what Laticia said after we were blessed to help her on her battle against cancer.

Scarlett Ornelas

Scarlett is a beautiful 3-year-old girl who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2017. Scarlett and her family needed money for gas in order to get to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital three times a week for treatment. Scarlett is set to finish treatment later this year! The R Giving Tree is blessed to have been able to help Scarlett and her family on their journey!

Yvone Rangel

In April of 2018 Yvone was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then again, in March of 2019 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, having to remove her thyroid. Yvone says her biggest challenges have been finances,vstress and going on with day-to-day life. She found out about R Giving Tree, submitted her paperwork and we helped Yvone with her expenses.

Santricia Leach

“I was first diagnosed with cancer in May of 2018. Triple-negative metastatic breast cancer with an unknown origin, so I went through eight rounds of chemo. In April I was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.” Santricia was struggling with finances and had stopped paying her car insurance, water bill and electric bill to pull everything together for her treatment. R Giving Tree helped take some pressure off of Santricia by helping with her expenses.

Gwendolyn Thomas

Gwendolyn is a tripe negative breast cancer patient in stage four. She was diagnosed in 2015 and while her prognosis is stable, there is no cure right now for tripe negative breast cancer. Gwendolyn is on a fixed income and is struggling with her finances. R Giving Tree is providing financial support to Gwendolyn to help with her treatment and living expenses.

Jody Neva

Jody has invasive ductal carcinoma for which she needed to have surgery. When she was first diagnosed, she reached out to the American Cancer Society who gave her a list of non-profit organizations that help people such as herself. She was referred to R Giving Tree and we were able to help Jody on her marathon.

Dan Capener

“I think it's wonderful that this foundation has been created. I love the compassion of the foundation and the fact that 100% of what we contribute goes to folks in need to help with their living expenses. So many people are going through a crisis and my heart goes out to them, and this is the perfect opportunity to give back.”

Lydia Smith

"I first went to the doctor's because I had a lump on my right breast. After they took it out, they found out it spread to the lymph nodes and that I had lymphoma. I know that that God loves me because every time I need something he opens a new door for me. I know that when one door closes, another one opens. Has never let me down. And thank you so much. I appreciate it."

Bodhi Boul

"Bodi has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I would say the biggest challenge for her has been the isolation and not being able to go outside to play with friends, missing birthday parties and pulling her out of her activities We were introduced to the R Giving Tree Foundation through our wonderful home nurse. You guys came around the time that we needed to take a little break from work, so you guys definitely helped make ends meet for that month."

Vivian Brandt

"I have lung cancer and I was scared to death in the beginning that I would be so sick I wouldn't be able to do anything on my own. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thank you very much, you've helped tremendously. I don't know what to say and how to thank you!"

Roberto Riviera

I have prostate cancer and not having money for treatment has been difficult. I had to stop working because I couldn’t anymore. Thanks to God the insurance covers most medications, but sometimes I have to pay for expensive medicine. I fight for my life and always move forward. My son works at Republic Services and he mentioned our situation to his manager who directed us to The R Giving Tree Foundation to help me economically. I am very grateful for that and I thank God for these places that help those in need. I thank you very much.

Robin Howard Anderson

"I am a pediatric oncology social worker and I've worked in this field for the last 15 years. There's other foundations out there, but some foundations are very strict in terms of what they will fund and it depends on the income level of the families What some foundations fail to understand is that when the child is diagnosed with cancer, usually one of the parents has to stop working which means their income is cut in half and they need a parent to be with." That's why Robin recommends The R Giving Tree Foundation to families in need of assistance.

Cecilia Brown

“I was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer. It’s like having an anchor that you are carrying around and you’re not sure what to do about it. And you’re just hoping that you can survive and beat it. And I think I can. Trying to have a roof over your head is difficult, because you have to earn a living while going to the doctors based on their timetable.” The R Giving Tree Foundation was able to help Cecilia with her finances.

Angel Gonzales

“The impact has been huge because we have been here at the hospital for a long time. Weeks without working, away from the family and my other daughters, so it has been very difficult for me. It will help me a lot because I can use that money to pay rent, buy food, pay some bills. It is great help. Thank you very much, I am very grateful.”

Claudia Austin

"I have cervical cancer and I do everything day by day to fight it. I will never give up.  I'm not gonna let cancer keeping me from having a roof over our head. I've tried to budget everything down to the penny, so that we always have a roof over our head and our bills are always paid. It is well appreciated what you people are doing. There are not too many people out there in this world that do that."

Denise Yoshihara

“There are many different organizations out there, but they help with specific things only. What I like about The R Giving Tree Foundation is that they help any cancer patient in need. The things the organization helps with are important like living expenses, transporation expenses and other non-medical needs. This is an organization that helps everyone.”

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